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16 high school scholars collectively receiving $80,000 in assistance for college

The 19th Annual Ed Posh Scholarship Shootout (Golf Event & Dinner Party) Friday, July 18, 2014 was a wonderful success!

Ed Posh 19 years

Thank you to everyone who attended the Ed Posh Scholarship Shootout. We enjoyed good weather, had a lot of fun, raised money for scholarships and celebrated the joy that Ed Posh has brought to the lives of Village Links golfers.

The Shootout is an all-volunteer effort driven by the hard working Scholarship Fund board. The Shootout committee can always use more help. Work on the 2014 event will begin this fall.

The Shootout is the primary fund raiser that provides scholarships for the 17 students attending colleges and universities this fall. Since 1996, over $595,000 in Ed Posh Scholarships have been awarded to 81 deserving local students.

Thank you for your attendance, support and generosity!

– Hubert Buehler, President

Shootout Details

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