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16 high school scholars collectively receiving $80,000 in assistance for college

21st Annual Ed Posh Scholarship Special Event (Golf Event & Dinner Party) on July 15, 2016 was a wonderful success!

Ed Posh 21 years

Thank you to everyone who attended the Ed Posh Scholarship Shootout. We enjoyed good weather, had a lot of fun, raised money for scholarships and celebrated the joy that Ed Posh has brought to the lives of Village Links golfers.

The Shootout is an all-volunteer effort driven by the hard working Scholarship Fund board. The Shootout committee can always use more help. Work on the 2017 event will begin this fall.

2016 Ed Posh Scholarship Shootout Results

Closest to the Hole #3

Bob Black

Closest to the Hole #8

Roger Mrazek

Closest to the Hole #11

Brent Kozel

Closest to the Hole #17

Tom Miller


Long Drive Men #4

Dr. Ken Benett

Long Drive Men #13

Andrew Delaney

Long Drive Women #6

Sue Imburgia


Red Division - Gross

1st Place

57 Andrew Delaney, Brent Rieth, Alex Moren, Kevin Kalinich

2nd Place

58 Todd Brainerd, Mike Wittenberg, Alan Schwartz, Rick Sleckman

3rd Place

62 Scott Morgan, Tim Morgan, Sean Morgan, Kyle Morgan


Red Division - Net

1st Place

53.1 Eric Aldrich, Kevin Hess, Terry Corcaron, Andrew MacDonald

2nd Place

54.6 Mike Zavorski, Mark Wilson, Tom Olson, Mike Fasshauer

3rd Place

58.7 Mark Diab, Dave Baer, Dave Short, Stephen Sitley


White Division - Gross

1st Place

62 Mike Lanaghan, Tom Slowinski, Jeff Davis, Tom McCann

2nd Place

65 Roger Mrazek, Jim Bell, Phil Rowland, Gary Graham


White Division - Net

1st Place

57.3 Richard Jensen, Ray Ward, Jack DeRose, David Sammons

2nd Place

60.2 Pat Scheive, Mike Krolczyk, Ken Krolczyk, Andrew Stocks


Blue Division - Gross

1st Place

65 Butch Trompeter, Cindy Trompeter, Phil Waller, Bryant Waller

2nd Place

69 Bob Black, Ron Mellott, Dan Schuchardt, Bill Palicki

3rd Place

71 Wayne Gaughler, Steve Kilpatrick, Steve Horvath, Dennis Bray


Blue Division - Net

1st Place

57.4 Dan Lites, Larry Kozel, Brent Kozel, Jose Aybar

2nd Place

59.3 Mindy Posh, Russell Jones, Steve Rogalla, Kevin Corona

3rd Place

61.7 Dean Sammons, Otto Stephani, Gordon Coons, Paul Bando


Green Division - Gross

1st Place

68 Johnny Pope, Ruth Lake, Christine Guare, Elaine Pope

2nd Place

71 Pat Leston, Kris Leston, Debbie Burzynski, Bill Burzynski


Green Division - Net

1st Place

58.2 Ray Imburgia, Sue Imburgia, Frank Miske, Patrice Swan

2nd Place

59.5 Michelle Pond, Brad Stefan, Dave Ascher, Carolyn Ascher


Low Net Field Ed Posh Cup Winner

53 Butch Trompeter, Cindy Trompeter, Phil Waller, Bryant Waller


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