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16 high school scholars collectively receiving $64,000 in assistance for college

The Ed Posh Scholarship Fund - 50/50 Reverse Raffle

Win $5,000 In CASH....

50/50 Reverse Raffle 50/50 Reverse Raffle 50/50 Reverse Raffle

HOW: Participate in the ED POSH SCHOLARSHIP 50/50 REVERSE RAFFLE on Friday, February 26, 2021 at the Reserve 22, Village Links Restaurant, Kick-off at 7 pm.

This is how it works: we are selling 100 pre‑numbered raffle tickets at $100 each. 50% of the receipts go to the Ed Posh Scholarship Fund, 50% or $5000 goes into the pot for which winner(s) will be raffled off during the evening. In the event that we need to host the raffle on ZOOM because of the ban for large gatherings, there will be a Zoom meeting invitation available.


  1. #1: 100 numbered balls will be drawn one by one from a lottery wheel-drum, the last remaining number/s will be the WINNER/S!
  2. #2: First number drawn in the evening will be thrown back into the drum for a 2nd chance
  3. #3: Numbers will be drawn until only 10 #’s remain. These 10 come to the front of the room as FINALISTS
  4. #4: If ALL FINALISTS agree, they can split the pot of $5,000 and each will receive $500, if ONE person does NOT agree, we pull another ball and that person will be eliminated
  5. #5: we continue that process until all remaining people agree to split the money. It can go down to the last person, who will then get the whole prize of $5,000.
  6. #6: If you are not connected via Zoom and have no proxy, you will still be allowed to be in the final 10 and your vote will be to split the pot each round that your ticket is still available.

The payouts will be available for the winners at the end of the event or later at the desk of the Village Links Golf facility.

Numbered tickets can be ordered at the Village Links desk (630) 469‑8180 or by calling Melissa (312) 925‑5904.

Cash or check only, NO credit cards.

GOOD LUCK.......